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Design Awards

123431-certificate-red - Cobogo´s House.png

Cobogos House Residential Project

The Design concept had been developed, based on straight lines, minimalist shapes and volumes, designed on different heights. A mix of materials and textures brings a great personality to this contemporary house. Natural concrete molded in place, large overhangs, aluminum slats with wooden patterns are highlights of this design. The use of hollow elements called ‘Cobogos’ brings a strong identity to this house. These decorative concrete elements allow free movement of wind through its empty spaces, providing thermal comfort and natural ventilation.  The front access to the house consists in platforms created on different levels, floating over the garden area. The landscaping includes tropical foliage and exotic trees. The front facade landscaping is highlighted by a Japanese cherry tree next to the stairs.
In the rear outside area, a large pool designed in three different levels is surrounded by lush landscaping. A centenary olive tree had been placed prominently connecting living area, bedrooms, and pool area.
Cobogo's House has 645 m2 of built area. The site has 1,500 m2 of area. The house is placed on the highest level of the site, opened to a large garden next to the pool, facing a beautiful sunset view.

Cobogo´s House.jpeg
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Casa da Varanda Residential

ID123425-award-winner-design (1).png
certificate-red - Casa da Varanda.png

Master Suite Country House

INSPIRATION:The main Design concept is creating an Affective Design for this Master Suite, bringing affection and inviting experiences to our senses: Breathing lavender scents, hearing relaxing songs and water sounds, kinesthetic touching different materials’ textures in addition to a harmonic visual sense. The Design brings nature to this space through natural elements, inviting to relax, welcoming and connecting to our true essence.

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