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A.R.P - Minimalist Architectural Typology

Project Type




Minimalist Architecture
The front façade was designed based on minimalist shapes, straight lines, including horizontal aluminum louvers as design elements highlighting the main entrance in front of the main door and the front glass wall, providing natural lighting and privacy to the users as well.

Even though the design is marked by the simplicity of a large cubic building, it seeks natural lightness. The main access is floating getting small gardens below the suspended concrete slab.
The landscaping respects the Architectural concept, placing a couple of plants as a background of stunning and exotic species.

Internally the project started from the integration of the living rooms, living, dining, tv, balcony, and barbecue area. It has large glass doors, which when opened, fully integrate all the environments of the social area.

The interior design was based on many personal objects of the client, bringing identity and personality to the environments.

Contemporary furniture combined to demolition wood pieces create an interesting atmosphere inside the house. Personality, identity and art masterpieces are highlights of this project.

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